Medland Dental’s long history of commitment to technical excellence and exceptional patient care has firmly established us as one of Brisbane’s leading private dental practices. Our dedication to our patients is not only evident in the care we provide, in that special Medland way, but also by continually exceeding the requirements set by dentistry’s governing […]

1 Mar 2019
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Clean Your Tongue as Part of Your Oral Hygiene Routine Hopefully, you’ve got a really good dental hygiene program in place brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily, but have you ever thought to clean your tongue? Bacteria can live and build up on your tongue just as it can on your teeth and if […]

18 Dec 2018
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Ongoing training and development are paramount for our staff as we continuously strive to give each of our patient’s exceptional treatment and care. As you can see below, the team has had a very busy quarter with professional development: The practice was closed for two days in September to hold our annual team training. Over […]

30 Nov 2018
Medland Admin

School is back and so is school sport. Having a custom fitted mouthguard ensures your child's beautiful smile is kept safe from the many knocks and bumps that occur on the sporting field. Available in a range of colours from Medland Dental Centre's laboratory these mouthguards not only defend their teeth from serious injury but […]

1 Mar 2012
Medland Admin

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