The Benefits of Cleaning Your Tongue

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Clean Your Tongue as Part of Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Hopefully, you’ve got a really good dental hygiene program in place brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily, but have you ever thought to clean your tongue? Bacteria can live and build up on your tongue just as it can on your teeth and if you don’t address the issue, this can lead to illness and bad breath.

Bacteria can hide on your taste buds and crevices of the tongue and with the constant array of foods and liquids passing through, these bacteria can multiply. If not cleaned, your tongue can build up a white film called a biofilm (or group of organisms), that stick together on the surface. Rinsing with water or a mouthwash is usually not enough to disperse this film and removal with a brush or tongue cleaner is needed.

How to Clean Your Tongue

Consult with your local dentist in Brisbane before taking on any new dental hygiene routine, as they will be able to guide you on the best dental practices. A simple method that you can start on your own is to clean your tongue after you’ve cleaned or flossed your teeth. After brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush to brush over the surface of the tongue, top and bottom and side to side. Spend a little bit of time here, rinsing your toothbrush a few times in-between.

Cleaning with a Tongue Cleaner

If you prefer to use a separate tool to clean your tongue, a tongue cleaner or tongue scraper is designed specifically for the purpose. They are really effective and will gently remove the white looking bacteria build-up after a few scrapes. Aim to give it a thorough wash down every week, to remove any bacteria debris and it should last a good amount of time. They can be purchased from most chemists and your dentist will be able to recommend a good brand.

Still Experiencing Bad Breath?

Bacteria build up on the tongue is the usual culprit of bad breath, if your oral hygiene routine is otherwise routinely top notch. If it’s still a problem after cleaning your tongue, you should consult your dentist as it could mean you have; tooth decay, gum disease or another type of infection in your mouth or sinuses.

Tongue brushing is an easy and effective way to eradicate bacteria build up on your tongue. Start getting into the habit of cleaning your tongue daily and your mouth will thank you for it! Consult your dentist at Medland Dental in Brisbane, if you need help with your dental hygiene routine.