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Health and Safety during your appointment

Safety first

The ongoing safety of our patients and our team, families and close contacts continues to be our number one priority.

Medland Dental has implemented a comprehensive strategy of measures to protect our patients and our team, and ensure that we are taking exceptional care of everyone during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond.

Medland Dental always has and will continue to maintain the highest level of infection control procedures and environmental cleaning. As an Accredited Dental practice, we must meet the strict National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, and for some time now, we have chosen to exceed some of these standards, particularly regarding infection control. In addition to all of our usual behind-the-scene infection control measures, you will notice the following:

Prior to your appointment, we will send a Health Pre-screening SMS, which we would ask you to acknowledge and respond to no later than 24 hours prior to your confirmed appointment time. The provision of dental services is a unique working environment with our team being directly exposed to many respiratory viruses like COVID-19, colds and flus due to the nature of our work. Continuing to screen our patients and team for respiratory viruses or other transmissible viruses like cold sores, is one of the many ways that Medland Dental is continuing to keep both our patients and team safe and well.

In the public areas of the practice, we are ensuring social and physical distancing of individuals and family units where ever possible. We will assist you in finding a comfortable area to wait prior to your appointment. We ask for your understanding should we ask you to move location. To help us in managing social distancing, we would also ask you to attend alone or bring minimal accompanying persons with you to your appointment.

We ask you to please use the hand sanitiser provided on entry to Medland Dental and on entry to and exit from your treatment room

An additional infection control measure now in place for all of our patients is a 30-second pre-procedure mouth rinse to reduce the viral load of many common viruses.

Thank you for your understanding in ensuring we are providing a safe environment for our patients and team.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding management of COVID-19 at Medland Dental.

If you have any other questions please get in touch with our friendly team.

Screening our patients and team for clinical and epidemiological risk factors for COVID-19 continues to be an essential element in managing COVID-19 risk at Medland Dental. Whilst most government and community restrictions for COVID-19 have now been removed, the provision of dental services is a unique working environment with our team being directly exposed to many pathogens like COVID-19 due to the nature of our work.

Screening is performed to determine that patients, visitors and members of the Medland Dental Team do not meet the current Australian definition of a “suspect”, “probable” or “confirmed” COVID-19 case as determined by the Communicable Disease Network Australia.

As recommended in the current guidelines from the Australian Dental Association, Medland Dental will not be treating suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 patients where care can be appropriately deferred. Medland Dental can provide our patients with the full range of treatments and services, provided that our patients meet the criteria for being “low risk” of having contracted/being exposed to COVID-19.

Screening is part of a comprehensive strategy of measures in place at Medland Dental to suppress transmission of COVID-19 and protect other patients and our Medland team and family.

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