General Dentistry

Helping you maintain good oral health

At Medland, we have a multi-disciplinary team of experienced dentists, hygienists and oral health therapists that allow us to offer the full range of general dental services.  General dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common dental conditions and maintaining overall oral health. 

Our general dental services include comprehensive dental examinations to assess the overall oral health of our patients. These examinations may be New Patient examinations or regular update examinations in collaboration with our team of hygienists and oral health therapists in our Active Maintenance program. 

At Medland, our dentists work collaboratively with our team of hygienists and oral health therapists to focus on maintaining oral health and preventing dental problems. This includes tailoring a home care program to suit you and your oral health risks and educating you about good oral health practices,  brushing and flossing tips and tricks, dietary habits and lifestyle choices that can impact oral health. Other preventive services include professional cleaning, fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth, or fissure sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of teeth from decay.

While prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to caring for your teeth, should your tooth become damaged due to decay, at Medland we believe that dentistry is a science and an art so we don’t just do fillings – we place restorations that will be carefully colour-matched, and the shape and contours crafted to replicate that of a perfect, natural tooth.

Our general dental services also include tooth extractions when necessary, such as for severely decayed or damaged teeth, wisdom teeth, or to create space for orthodontic treatment. 

We look forward to taking care of your family’s oral health.

General Dentistry FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding general dentistry appointments at Medland Dental.

If you have any other questions please get in touch with our friendly team.

Each of our Dentists, Hygienist and Oral Health Therapists are highly trained, skilled clinicians who prioritise the health and well-being of our patients. We take pride in providing technical excellence and exceptional care.

Staying at the forefront of Brisbane’s dental industry, we are committed to utilising the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our patients can be proud of their healthy, beautiful smile.

If you have concerns about your smile or dental health and would like to learn more about treatment options that are available to you, please contact us on 07 3426 5777 or fill out the contact form and we’ll do everything we can to help.

We invite you to experience the Medland difference.

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We invite you to experience the Medland difference.

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