It’s nice to know you’re in safe hands

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Medland Dental’s long history of commitment to technical excellence and exceptional patient care has firmly established us as one of Brisbane’s leading private dental practices. Our dedication to our patients is not only evident in the care we provide, in that special Medland way, but also by continually exceeding the requirements set by dentistry’s governing bodies. We are proud to have formalised our existing standards and are recognised as an Independently Accredited Private Dental Practice with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP).

To be awarded accreditation, a dental practice must meet the strict National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. These standards provide a nationally consistent and uniform measure of safety and quality compliance.

This is not only great for patients, but also for our clinicians and support staff working in an industry where safety and quality can, unfortunately, vary significantly from practice to practice, especially in the areas behind the scenes.

Being an accredited practice is independent recognition of the high level of care and attention to detail that occurs at every level in a dental practice, not just the areas that you can see. It recognises that Medland Dental is committed to the very highest standards of infection control, patient communication and safety, and the technical quality of dental treatment provided. It also recognises our commitment not only to the safety of our patients but how we invest in the safety, well-being and training of our staff.

Being accredited is currently optional for private dental practices, however, being accredited is just another way that Medland Dental reflects our ethos of technical excellence and exceptional care on every level.

With this new “feather in our cap”, we look forward to continuing to provide our patients with outstanding care and treatment in our very special Medland way.