Medland Restorations (Fillings)

At Medland, we don't just do fillings, we restore your tooth

Fillings are used to replace natural tooth structure when it becomes fractured, broken or damaged by tooth decay or trauma.

At Medland, we will always recommend the most conservative and minimally invasive option for your tooth. Composite restorations (also called fillings) are often the first course of action when dealing with tooth decay, and are an excellent option and minimally invasive solution for small or moderate-sized areas of decay. 

During your examination, your Medland dentist will examine your teeth for decay, often using x-rays to pinpoint the location and extent of decay. Your Medland dentist will then consult with you on the best method to restore the integrity of your tooth.

We believe that dentistry is both a science and an art, and your composite restorations will be carefully colour-matched, and the shape and contours crafted to replicate that of a perfect, natural tooth. At Medland, your restoration is much more than just a filling.

Restorations (fillings) FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding Medland restorations (fillings).

If you have any other questions please contact our friendly team.

Food and certain bacteria combine in your mouth to form plaque. This plaque produces acid which attacks the enamel of your teeth. If not thoroughly cleaned away within two days the acid demineralises the enamel which is the first stage of decay. If not remineralised, the cavity spreads into the soft, inner dentine layer and a restoration is required. Decay grows larger over time. If this process is not identified early, and a restoration isn’t done to remove the infected area, the decay and therefore bacteria can spread to the nerve, which leads to the nerve becoming inflamed, infected and eventually dying and will, at some stage, cause a toothache. Once the nerve of a tooth is affected there are only two options, root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth.

During your appointment your dentist will make you and your tooth comfortable by thoroughly anaesthetising your tooth, surrounding gum and using sedation techniques (if you wish). Removing decay can be a noisy process so many of our patients like to listen to music through our headphones. Depending on the location of the decay, you may notice a “matrix” being placed between your teeth which holds and shapes the filling whilst the material is setting. You will notice that the placement of this matrix involves a feeling of pressure between your teeth. The composite restoration placed will be carefully colour-matched to your tooth, and the restoration set with a blue light.

Your Medland dentist will check that your restoration is comfortable to bite on and then your Medland restoration will be carefully shaped and contoured to replicate that of a perfect, natural tooth, before being highly polished. At Medland, we want your restoration to look like a tooth, not like a filling!

Unfortunately no filling material has been invented that lasts for the entire lifetime of the tooth and inevitably fillings do need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

If the issues that lead to a filling needing to be placed in the first place are still present, then decay can occur around and underneath the filling necessitating removal of the filling, removal of the new decay and placement of an even larger filling. Every time a filling has to be replaced it will be larger and more damaging to the tooth in the long-term. Fillings do not strengthen a tooth that has had decay and it is very common for teeth that have had moderate to large fillings placed to develop fracture lines and be at risk of breakage and/or root canal treatment. So sometimes crowns and/or root canal treatment is are required in teeth like these.

Your Medland Dentist will always recommend the most conservative and minimally invasive option for your tooth.

Composite restorations (also called fillings) are an excellent option and minimally invasive solution for small or moderate-sized restorations. 

However, where destruction of the tooth structure is more extensive, there are cracks present or the tooth structure is weakened, a partial or full coverage crown may give the best long-term results and reduce your risks of pain or sudden breakage of your tooth. 

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