Dental Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

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The majority of dental problems develop slowly, and in the early stages, these developing dental problems are mostly silent. Many people are inclined to overlook annoying dental ‘niggles’, instead waiting until the problem worsens so much that they are then in pain. At more advanced stages, the options left to treat the tooth are more extensive, involved and expensive treatments. In worst case scenarios the tooth isn’t able to be saved.

Five dental warning signs that should not to be ignored:

  1. Sensitivity to hot and/or cold
  2. Pain when chewing
  3. Bleeding gums
  4. Food catching between the teeth
  5. Broken or cracked teeth, fillings and/or crowns
These signs can be an indication of much more painful problems in the future, and, if not treated promptly, may involve more complex and expensive treatments. We are fortunate to live in an age where advanced dental technology means more people are able to have good dental health and beautiful smiles. No matter what the condition of your teeth, at Medlands we are able to improve your comfort, ability to chew and the appearance of your smile.

Dental problems are linked to general health and wellbeing

Research studies are increasingly finding links between poor dental health and poor general health. Dental abscesses are infections that originate in the mouth but can travel throughout the head and neck as well as the rest of the body. In rare cases if left untreated they can require hospital admission.
Gum disease (periodontitis) has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke. People with diabetes have a higher risk of developing gum disease, and conversely gum disease can make controlling blood sugar levels more difficult for those with diabetes. Pregnant women with gum disease have a higher risk of having pre-term or low birth-weight babies.

What can you do?

Maintaining good dental hygiene with twice daily brushing and flossing every evening will ensure your mouth is kept in the best possible health. Regular 6 monthly check ups also allow the detection of dental problems at the earliest possible stage. At Medland Dental Centre we are here to help with all of your dental issues, but more importantly we look to prevent problems and maintain beautiful healthy smiles for life.