What can I do about bad breath?

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Bad breath (also known as halitosis) is unfortunately a frequent source of embarrassment and anxiety for many people. There are a number of possible causes for bad breath including nasal and sinus infections leading to post nasal drip; respiratory or gastric issues; smoking; high protein diets; dry mouth; gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease) as well as dental infections. It is important to visit your Medland dentist and hygienist to rule out the possibility of any of these potentially serious conditions.

However, in the absence of these issues, bad breath most commonly occurs because of a coating of bacteria and food debris on the surface of the tongue. These bacteria produce and release volatile sulphur compounds – like “rotten eggs”! Bad breath, is usually worst in the morning when there are more bacteria present in the mouth. This is because there is less saliva produced while sleeping, which results in less natural cleansing away of the bacteria on the tongue. Cleaning the tongue with a soft toothbrush, or a specified tongue cleaner, as well as increasing water intake throughout the day, will assist in reducing the amount of bacteria on the tongue and therefore, the bad breath.

People concerned about bad breath should mention it to their Medland dentist and hygienist at their next visit. Regular professional cleaning every 6 months will reduce the amount of calculus (also known as tarter) that builds up and subsequently reduce the bacterial load. We are more than happy to further discuss your individual situation and tailor a plan to help you maintain a fresh, healthy mouth.