Tooth Friendly Diet

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Kids love lollies. Kids teeth don’t love lollies!

Baby teeth come and go, but the bacteria that causes decay in baby teeth sticks around to potentially affect your child’s permanent teeth. Developing healthy eating habits early in life will help ensure strong and healthy adult teeth.

Rising decay rates in children have been related to changed dietary patterns, with fewer children drinking fluoridated tap water, and increased frequency of consumption of sugary, processed foods and drinks. Encouraging healthy eating and drinking habits in babies and toddlers are the best ways to help your child have healthy teeth for life.

Find out more about how ensuring your kids have a healthy diet affects their dental health in the future.

Healthy Eating for Kids


We’ve all got the guilty pleasure that we know isn’t good for the waist line, and most of us have a habit of grazing on snacks during the day between meals which means our teeth are under constant attack from acid.

General principals of healthy eating and drinking that apply to everybody, regardless of age. It’s not practical to cut out these foods completely but if you can cut down on them and don’t snack in-between meals it gives your teeth a much better chance of staying healthy.

Tooth Friendly Food and Drinks