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Home Whitening with DayWhiteTM 6% – Some helpful hints
  1. Brush and floss your teeth first.
  2. In each tray use up to ¼ of the gel in the syringe by placing it into the front surface of each small tooth compartment (a small tear drop amount is adequate).
  3. Place the trays over your teeth; you will see the gel smear up the tooth surface.
  4. Wipe any excess gel off your gums with a damp wash cloth immediately.
  5. For best results with DayWhite™ we recommend wearing your trays for 40 minutes each day
  6. After whitening, remove trays and brush both your teeth and the trays well. A cotton bud is useful to ensure that all the gel is removed from the trays, especially prior to longer term storage.
  7. Continue whitening until you are pleased with the result or until all the syringes are completely used.
  8. Your DayWhite™ 6% does not need to be stored in the refrigerator but should be stored in a cool, dark place.
  9. If you notice a white or red appearance of the gum tissues it could mean that the whitening gel has caused a slight ‘chemical burn’.  Apply vitamin E cream to the area.  The gum tissues may be slightly uncomfortable but should return to normal over a period of 1 hour. Do not recommence whitening until your gums are comfortable.
  10. Avoid smoking and strong coloured foods and drinks (anything that would stain a white shirt) as much as possible whilst you are whitening your teeth, especially directly following application of the whitening gel.
  11. Some sensitivity whilst whitening is normal and varies from person to person.  If you notice sensitivity whilst whitening take mild analgesics such as Panadol™, Nurofen™ or aspirin.  Avoid applying desensitising agents such as sensitive toothpastes or Tooth Mousse™ as this can have a counteractive effect on your whitening result.  You do not have to whiten on consecutive days.  If the teeth become sensitive have a break for a day or two before continuing. If you experience significant discomfort or ongoing concerns please contact us.
Home Whitening (DayWhite 6%) - Use Instructions.pdf

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