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Root Canal Treatment

Give damaged teeth a new lease on life with root canal treatment at Medland.

Root canal treatment (endodontics) relieves pain and restores health to damaged teeth that, in the past, may have required removal.

Root canal treatment is required when the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected. This internal damage most commonly occurs due to decay, cracks or trauma. 

Common symptoms of an inflamed or infected pulp are increased sensitivity to temperature (hot and cold), spontaneous aching, pain with chewing, or pressure and swelling. 

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure and a comfortable process that allows you to save your natural tooth and keep it healthy and pain-free.

With Medland’s root canal procedures, you will enjoy the improved use of your natural teeth for years to come. 

Endodontic Services FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Endodontic services.

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Teeth which require a root canal treatment are often uncomfortable and their need for treatment is obvious, but sometimes these teeth may have little or no symptoms initially which makes it difficult to recognise why treatment is required.

Once the root canal of a tooth becomes infected, however, the body is unable to remove the bacteria growing inside the tooth which eventually leads to further spread of bacteria, discomfort or pain. In some cases facial swelling may occur and fortunately only rarely, hospital admission. The infection inside the tooth can be effectively removed by your dentist with a root canal treatment to ensure that the area is healthy again. Unfortunately, however, once a tooth gets to the stage where a root canal treatment is indicated, the only alternative to a root canal treatment is removal of the tooth.

Although it may sound confronting, root canal treatment is a comfortable procedure and feels very similar to a long filling appointment. It is made even more comfortable with the use of music, relative analgesia and other relaxation techniques. Root canal treatment is divided into at least two appointments.

Appointment 1: During this appointment, the canals within the tooth are located, thoroughly cleaned and shaped. Firstly, your dentist will ensure that your tooth and surrounding gum are thoroughly anaesthetised. A rubber dam is placed over the tooth, which is similar to a raincoat, and isolates the tooth from your mouth. This allows your dentist to thoroughly clean your tooth and prevent bacteria from your mouth from re-infecting your tooth once cleaned. One or two x-rays are taken to visualise the individual shape, length and pattern of the specific tooth. Delicate files are used to clean the entire length of the root to precisely shape each canal, while strong cleaning solutions are flushed through to eliminate any bacteria. Oral antibiotics are not usually required or indicated as your dentist will leave an antibiotic, antibacterial and soothing dressing into the tooth before placing the temporary filling.

Appointment 2: During this appointment, the canals are filled and sealed with a material called gutta percha. Once again your dentist will ensure that your tooth and surrounding gum are thoroughly anaesthetised and will place the rubber dam. One or two x-rays are taken to ensure that the canals have been completely filled. A provisional restoration in placed in the tooth pending the final restoration of the tooth.

At Medland we always want the best for you, and that may mean referral to an Endodontist to complete your root canal treatment when there are complexities that out outside of our scope.

Generally, root canal treatment is required on teeth that have had large and/or deep restorations, have previously broken or have fracture lines. The tooth has now lost its central source of strength so is prone to severe fracture. Particularly with back teeth, a crown is therefore essential to protect the tooth by providing long-term structural support and sealing the tooth and root canal from bacteria entering from your mouth. About half of the long term success of a root canal treated tooth is related to the root canal treatment itself, and half is related to the quality of the final restoration on the tooth.

Without treatment, the internal structure of the tooth will continue to become infected to the point where it may lead to severe pain and swelling or require removal.

The missing tooth would need to be replaced with an implant, bridge or partial denture to restore chewing function and to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.

Root canal treatment is usually the most effective long-term option for maintaining and protecting your natural teeth. 

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