Farewell Dr Andrew Paddison

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It is with regret that we advise all of our patients that Dr Paddison has made the difficult decision to leave dentistry private practice and Medland Dental.

As most of you would be aware, Dr Paddison was involved in a significant mountain-biking accident last September. He had extensive surgery to his neck and he has been undergoing rehabilitation whilst also trying to gradually return to the rigors of dentistry and busy private practice.

Having been a part of Medland Dental both as a dentist and a partner/director for the last 18 years we are sure that you can appreciate that this decision has been a difficult one for Dr Paddison and the team at Medland Dental.

However, we do understand that Dr Paddison’s decision has been made to allow him to focus on his rehabilitation, health and his family.

Dr Fiona Lillicrap, Dr Sarah Kam, Dr Ian Morrison and Dr James Yang will continue to care for Dr Paddison’s patients, as they have done for the last twelve months.

We do appreciate that this has had, and will continue to have, an effect on all patients at Medland Dental especially in terms of appointment availability; however, our dentists are working to accommodate everyone where possible.

We again ask for your continued understanding whilst we now undertake a careful process to find a suitable dentist to join the team at Medland Dental.

In a continuation of the system that was instituted last October, if you have an upcoming appointment booked with Dr Paddison our Front Office Coordinators will contact you no later than 3 to 5 days prior to your scheduled appointment to discuss alternative arrangements. We will continue to take into account the urgency of treatment, and any requests that you may have when discussing alternative arrangements with another Medland Dentist, and will do our very best to accommodate these factors to the extent we can.