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frequently asked questions about covid-19.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding covid-19 and the strategies being utilised and Medland Dental to provide exceptional care of our patients and team. If you have a question which is not listed below please contact our team and we will be more than happy to assist you.
Why are you still screening patients, staff and visitors?

Screening our patients and team for clinical and epidemiological risk factors for COVID-19 continues to be an essential element in managing COVID-19 risk at Medland Dental.

Screening is performed to determine that patients, visitors and members of the Medland Dental Team do not meet the current Australian definition of a “suspect”, “probable” or “confirmed” COVID-19 case as determined by the Communicable Disease Network Australia.

As recommended in the current guidelines from the Australian Dental Association, Medland Dental will not be treating suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 patients where care can be appropriately deferred. Medland Dental can provide our patients with the full range of treatments and services, provided that our patients meet the criteria for being “low risk” of having contracted/being exposed to COVID-19.

Screening is part of a comprehensive strategy of measures in place at Medland Dental to suppress transmission of COVID-19 and protect other patients and our team.

Why are you still screening vaccinated patients?

It is important to note that “breakthrough infections” can occur amongst fully vaccinated persons.

Fully vaccinated people with a breakthrough infection are less likely to develop serious illness than those who are unvaccinated and get COVID-19.

However, people with breakthrough infections may still spread COVID-19 to others.

Vaccination is still an essential community-wide measure for reducing the spread of disease to dental staff and patients and may influence the overall assessment of risk.

What else is being done to manage COVID-19 at Medland Dental?

Medland Dental has always and will continue to maintain the highest level of infection control procedures and environmental cleaning. As an Accredited Dental practice, we must meet the strict National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, and for some time now, have chosen to exceed some of these standards, particularly regarding infection control.

We are screening all patients and visitors for clinical and epidemiological risk factors for COVID-19 and temperature testing. Our Team undertake the same screening and temperature testing every day.

All patients are asked to use hand santitiser on entry to the practice, and entering and exiting all treatment rooms. Our Team follow all Hand Hygiene Australia and World Health Organisation recommendations for hand hygiene.

All patients are asked to complete a short 30 second pre-procedure mouth rinse which reduces the viral load in the saliva of many common respiratory viruses.

We maintain very high levels of environmental cleaning especially of all high touch surfaces. All face towels and patient blankets are hygienically laundered after every use.

The Team at Medland Dental are continuing to wear face masks in the non-clinical areas and are asking our patients to do so too. We are embracing the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) “Do it all to stop COVID-19”.

WHO - Do it all to stop COVID-19

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Is the team at Medland Dental vaccinated?

Yes, the team at Medland Dental is fully vaccinated.

The mask mandate has been lifted, so why are your team still wearing masks and patients being asked to wear masks?

Whilst the requirement to wear face masks has been lifted for outdoor settings and most indoor settings (where you can socially distance), face masks are still required in healthcare settings. This includes private dental clinics like Medland Dental. Please wear a face mask when you are in the public areas of Medland Dental and ensure that it is properly placed to cover your mouth and nose.

Medland Dental will have a supply of masks available for patient use.

Queensland Health Restrictions – Face masks

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