don’t lose your health insurance benefits this financial year

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As the end of the financial year rapidly approaches, it is an excellent time to look at your private health insurance and consider how you can maximise your benefits.

As you may have experienced yourself, most health insurance companies increase their premiums every April. Sadly this increase does not tend to correspond with increased rebates for health insurance members. As this is the time of year when health insurers such as AHM, Defence Health, Navy Health and People Care reset their annual benefits*, we want to urge our patients to make the most of their health insurance entitlements. Most health insurers do not roll over the benefits that are left unused, rendering them lost after June 30. These are benefits for which you have already paid and are entitled.

Health insurance companies have been in the media spotlight recently over their practices and behaviour, and, as an independent health care provider, we want to ensure that you are receiving value for the cost of your premiums.

If you have recently discussed treatment with your dentist and would like to utilise your health insurance benefits for this financial year, please call our Front Office Coordinators on 3426 5777 and be sure to let them know that you would like to complete your treatment before 30 June 2018. While we will make every effort to see you before the end of the financial year, we do recommend calling as soon as possible as this is a popular time of year to complete treatment.

*Health insurance benefits payable and reset dates differ between health insurance companies and even within the same company for different policyholders. Please confirm with your health insurance company if your benefits reset at the end of the financial year, and if so, which benefits would reset.