Cosmetic Dentistry: What Makes the Perfect Smile?

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Your smile and eyes are the most engaging features of your face. A smile can brighten up someone’s day, attract a partner or make a stranger a friend. So what is it that makes the perfect smile?

Everyone’s teeth are unique and as such there isn’t one particular type of smile that is perfect. Our teeth are different shapes and sizes and what looks perfect on one person may look strange on another due to the way the smile suits particular facial features. There are, however, some general factors that make a smile perfect in a broad sense.

Firstly, the perfect smile looks natural. Teeth that are too white or look artificially shaped aren’t as appealing as a smile that looks healthy and natural. The keys to having naturally appealing teeth is to find a good cosmetic dentist for repair work and taking the time to look after your teeth.

Regular flossing and brushing (twice a day) will help reduce the build-up of plaque and give your teeth a more inviting look. In combination with eating healthily, regular cleaning will reduce discolouration and the risk of damage.

Damage is a word often associated with the opposite of perfection. Having cavities or chipped teeth mended is not only important for keeping your teeth healthy, but also restores the natural perfection of your teeth. A good dentist will carefully fit your damaged tooth with a white filling, veneer or crown that blends in with your existing teeth. A touch of whitening can also help restore your teeth to their former glory and bring your smile closer to perfection.

Eating healthily, taking the time to look after your teeth, and taking the initiative to see a dentist for check-ups are the keys to making and maintaining the perfect smile. The perfect smile does not mean getting rid of everything that makes your smile unique. Choose a cosmetic dentist who can fix damage or imperfections while allowing the natural beauty of your smile to shine through.