Closure of the Medicare Teen Dental Plan

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Earlier this year the Federal Government announced that the Medicare Teen Dental Plan would be closed at the end of this year. However, eligible teens will be able to access the Medicare Teen Dental Plan until 31 December 2013 and benefits will continue to be paid for services provided to eligible teenagers before the date of closure. Please let us know if you would like to use your Teen Dental Voucher prior to closure of the scheme.

Eligible Teens will have received a $166.15 voucher which may be used for a preventative dental check and includes and full oral examination and, if needed:

  • x-rays
  • a scale and clean
  • fluoride treatment
  • oral hygiene instructions and dietary advice
  • fissure sealants

It is available to teenagers who:

  • are aged between 12 to 17 years
  • receive (or their family/guardian/carer receives) certain government benefits, such as the Family Tax Benefit (Part A) for at least part of the calendar year
  • are eligible for Medicare
Please see the Department of Human Services Website for full details and eligibility criteria.
If you think you are eligible for a Medicare Teen Dental Plan voucher and have not received one, or if you have lost your voucher, you can call Medicare on 132 011 or visit any Medicare office.
The Federal Government has announced that the Medicare Teen Dental Plan will be replaced by a new scheme from 1 January 2014 – “Grow Up Smiling”.
The children’s dental scheme now covers eligible children from 2 to 17.  Please see the Department of Human Services Website for full details and eligibility criteria.