What to do if…your child knocks a tooth

Medland Dental Children's Dentist BrisbaneWhile wearing a properly fitted mouthguard during sports may protect your child against dental injuries, accidents can still happen during play. The following tips outline what to do if your child knocks a tooth out, and how to reduce the likelihood of any long-term damage. If a tooth is knocked out, the following steps should

Your guide to surviving the silly season

Christmas, its the 'most wonderful time of the year'! It is the time of year where we celebrate with our loved ones; we dress up, we feast on festive treats and indulge in a little more 'Christmas cheer' than we usually would. So how do we make it through this indulgent time and still manage to maintain our oral, and overall, he

Defend Your Smile!

School sports are kicking off soon so it is time to ensure that your child’s smile is protected with a mouthguard. Medland Dental Centre is able to offer a number of choices when it comes to your child’s mouthguard. Our custom-made laminated (double layer) mouthguards offer the best protection against dental injury and concu