While wearing a properly fitted mouthguard during sports may protect your child against dental injuries, accidents can still happen during play. The following tips outline what to do if your child knocks a tooth out, and how to reduce the likelihood of any long-term damage. If a tooth is knocked out, the following steps should […]

18 Dec 2018
Medland Admin

Christmas, its the ‘most wonderful time of the year‘! It is the time of year where we celebrate with our loved ones; we dress up, we feast on festive treats and indulge in a little more ‘Christmas cheer’ than we usually would. So how do we make it through this indulgent time and still manage […]

4 Dec 2017
Medland Admin

School sports are kicking off soon so it is time to ensure that your child’s smile is protected with a mouthguard. Medland Dental Centre is able to offer a number of choices when it comes to your child’s mouthguard. Our custom-made laminated (double layer) mouthguards offer the best protection against dental injury and concussion. They […]

3 Feb 2013

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