Defend Your Smile!

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School sports are kicking off soon so it is time to ensure that your child’s smile is protected with a mouthguard. Medland Dental Centre is able to offer a number of choices when it comes to your child’s mouthguard.

Our custom-made laminated (double layer) mouthguards offer the best protection against dental injury and concussion. They come in a variety of colours and also have your child’s name and a contact phone number incorporated into the mouthguard so that it can be returned should it be misplaced! We also offer the option of customising our laminated mouthguards to your team’s colours or a special design – just ask us about your requirements!
We can also offer custom-made single layer mouthguards which are a more economical choice whilst still offering superior protection to a “boil and bite” type of pre-made mouthguard.
Remember it is just as important to wear a mouthguard during practice and training as it is during the game. Should an accident happen however click here for emergency contact information and emergency advice.
For more information on mouthguards from the Australian Dental Association: Click here