New toys, trampolines or just kids being kids can lead to a broken or chipped tooth over the holiday period. If you or your child chips or knocks out a tooth, click here for emergency information and details of what to do to minimise the trauma. However, it is not just accidents that can cause teeth to chip, […]

3 Sep 2019

A Decrease in Saliva Flow Can Impact Your Oral Health. Xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth, can happen at any age and can be caused by simple things like not drinking enough liquids or from side effects of a medication or illness. Whatever the cause of your dry mouth, if left unchecked it can put […]

10 Jan 2019

Clean Your Tongue as Part of Your Oral Hygiene Routine Hopefully, you’ve got a really good dental hygiene program in place brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily, but have you ever thought to clean your tongue? Bacteria can live and build up on your tongue just as it can on your teeth and if […]

18 Dec 2018
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With the weather heating up it’s time to start taking extra precautions for our little ones as the temperatures rise. Living in Queensland has made us all very “Sun Smart” but don’t forget to ensure you are keeping your kids hydrated! Did you know that good hydration is vital in maintaining healthy teeth? We have […]

17 Dec 2018
Medland Admin

With 2020 underway, it is an excellent time to reflect on how those new years resolutions are progressing. For many people the beginning of a new year often means the start of a ‘New Year New Me” mindset, which often includes a change in diet, starting or increasing an exercise regime, or the addition of […]

16 Dec 2018
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Christmas, its the ‘most wonderful time of the year‘! It is the time of year where we celebrate with our loved ones; we dress up, we feast on festive treats and indulge in a little more ‘Christmas cheer’ than we usually would. So how do we make it through this indulgent time and still manage […]

4 Dec 2017
Medland Admin

These days we are more aware of what we eat and drink and what we feed our children. We are more conscious about eating healthy, natural and nutritious foods and we have cut down on sugary soft drinks and replaced them with sugar free or “diet” drinks and healthy fruit juices and drinks. However, some […]

20 Jul 2017

Over the years we have seen many people return from overseas after having had a dental “holiday” and we have helped them through the associated problems that have unfortunately occurred with their treatment. Recently there was a lot of media attention regarding the introduction by a major Australian health fund of dental and medical tourism […]

1 Dec 2015

With Easter on our doorstep, maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet often hops out the window along with the Easter bunny! The Australian Dental Association (ADA) urges all Australians to watch “That Sugar Film”, which aims to raise awareness of the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body. “That Sugar Film” sees […]

28 Mar 2015

  Did you know that you should brush your child’s teeth as soon as they grow into the mouth? Brushing another’s teeth may seem a little strange but it’s fairly simple for babies. Brushing toddler’s teeth is a different story and their resistance may feel like Groundhog Day as you wage a twice-daily battle through […]

25 Jul 2014

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