You’re Never Too Busy To Brush!

                  “I’m just too busy”, one of the most common reasons given by people surveyed for not regularly brushing and flossing their teeth. It is a fact that many Australians are working longer hours and balancing more extra-curricular activities than ever befor

Get Your Dental Health Back On Track

Ensuring a healthy mouth and teeth for the rest of your life requires more than just brushing twice per day. But you can avoid long-term complications like gum disease, cavities, and gingivitis by following 4 simple steps. 1. Brush with fluoride toothpaste Just two minutes, twice per day will drastically reduce your risk of deve

Let Us Help You Find the Right Dentist For You in Brisbane’s CBD

It can be difficult to prioritise dental care when you already have demanding work hours and family obligations. Have you ever had that feeling of there not being enough hours in the day? A lack of time is one of the key reasons why many of us put off a regular visit to the dentist. Other than maintaining good oral hygiene, a sm

Tooth-friendly Food For A Busy Schedule

                  Good oral health comes from a routine that is simple and maintainable, and it starts with what we eat. But when we all lead busy lives, how can we eat convenient food that’s good for our teeth? Although processed foods can be quick and easy, they often com

Tip Top Teeth Tips

                  We are all well aware of the essential role that brushing and flossing daily has for avoiding gum disease, crooked teeth, and cavities, but prevention is better than cure, and these issues can be prevented by what we eat, and how we eat it. By consuming a wh