your understanding is appreciated

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We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of our patients for your ongoing patience with us during this unprecedented time in the practice.

Over the last 18 months since Dr Paddison’s accident, we have experienced an incredible amount of understanding, both from Dr Paddison’s patients who have worked with us and amended their appointment times to cater for Dr Paddison’s recovery and subsequent retirement from Medland Dental, and from all of our patients who have waited a little longer than usual to get an appointment with their usual dentist, or have perhaps been kept waiting for an appointment.

It has been incredibly touching to have had so many of you ask about our dentists’ and hygienists’ wellbeing whilst they have been working extra hard to accommodate Dr Paddison’s patients and their own patients; but also the friends and family you recommend see us, which is the greatest compliment from you that we can receive.

We are still searching for the perfect dentist to join the Medland Team. Whilst this is taking longer than anticipated, it is important to us to make the right choice.

Whilst Dr Kam, Dr Lillicrap, Dr Morrison and Dr Yang all have full appointment books, they are working hard to look after Dr Paddison’s patients. Unfortunately this does mean that our Front Office Coordinators may need to schedule your appointment a little further out than what you would normally expect. Please be assured that if your treatment is urgent we will ensure you are looked after as soon as possible and we operate a very successful priority list for the times that we unexpectedly have appointments become available.

Given the fullness of our appointment book at the moment we ask all of our patients to please give us as much notice as possible should an appointment need to be changed. Giving us a minimum of 48 business hours’ notice for any change allows us the opportunity to look after another patient in that time.