Why we choose not to be “preferred providers”?

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We are often asked if we have a "preferred provider" relationship with private health insurance companies and why Medland Dental Centre has made the conscious decision not to be a health fund “preferred provider”.

The term "preferred provider" is prone to misunderstanding. Being a "preferred provider" means that a dental practice has entered into a financial agreement with a health insurance company. Being a "preferred provider" does not necessarily mean that the heath insurance company is warranting that the dentist is providing the best possible individual treatment to each individual patient.

Being a "preferred provider" involves taking up a contract with a particular health insurance company, and working to a fee schedule and any associated constraints determined by that insurance company. While it may not universally be the case, the fee schedules determined by the health insurance companies may limit the time, care and services able to be provided to patients, as well as pre-determine the quality and type of materials used. These contractual relationships between an insurance company and a dentist of their choosing may be beneficial to them but not to you!

Providing optimum patient care, individually tailored to each patient's individual needs is Medland Dental Centre's first priority. Medland Dental Centre prides itself on unbiased and uncompromising service and treatment, individualised care and technical excellence so we have made the conscious decision not to be contracted to any of the health insurance companies.

According to data provided by the Private Health Insurance Ombudsmen, dental services are the largest health care service claimed for by patients that have “General Treatment/Ancillary” health insurance policies. Yet the amount of benefits paid to patients who have General Treatment cover has not kept pace with the premiums paid, meaning that dental patients bear the brunt of the private health insurers’ failure to provide benefits that have kept pace with premiums.

We understand how frustrating this is to our patients and the financial impact that it has on individuals and families.  We too find it frustrating that the health insurance companies are actively directing patients towards their contracted providers either by aggressive marketing or on the promise of better rebates.

Medland Dental Centre strongly feels that the Australian public should be able to choose their dentist and not be penalised because they choose to go to one that has not entered into a financial contract with their health insurance company.

The Australian Dental Association is working with dentists nation-wide to ensure you and other patients are provided with all the information necessary to make an informed decision about private health insurance and your avenues to encourage change including registering your concern with the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman. Please see the Australian Dental Association factsheets below for more information.

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