School Holiday Guide to Healthy Smiles

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The Christmas school holidays are nearly here!

Many kids will be looking forward to hot summer days and all the delicious treats of the festive season. It’s tempting to have sugary iceblocks and cold soft drinks to cool down, as well as lots of yummy summer fruits.

Not to mention all the sweets and treats that are in abundance at this time of year.

Please remember your teeth and have fun in moderation! 


Did you know?

  • There are about ten teaspoons of sugar in one can of sugary soft drink! Even diet soft drinks are acidic and can dissolve away the enamel on teeth. The effect of the acid on teeth is even greater if dehydrated. Try to just have water or plain milk to cool down on hot summer days. If you do have sugary or acidic drinks, have a drink of water afterward to neutralise the acid!
  • Teeth need two hours ‘rest’ in between snacks and meals to recover from a sugary attack. So if there is constant snacking throughout the day, the teeth are constantly at risk of getting decay.
  • Fruit is a healthy alternative but full of natural sugar called fructose. There are so many delicious summer fruits, such as mangoes, peaches, cherries and watermelon, but it’s recommended only to have 2 pieces a day for a healthy diet and healthy teeth.

Although Christmas and New Years Eve are the perfect times to have special treats its important to look after your teeth when having those lollies, chocolates, soft drink, candy canes and other sticky sweet foods.

Remember to follow your brushing and flossing chart, and if you bring it in to your next check up you will get a special prize!

For tips on how to brush and floss or a fun reminder video by Brusher Bailey on the importance of brushing, login to the Patient Portal section of our website with your username and password. Please contact us on if you do not have a username or password.