Recycle your Nespresso pods at Medland Dental

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recyle_for blogMedland Dental patients and staff love our Nespresso coffee, and we can now enjoy it even more knowing we are supporting a sustainable coffee economy. We have collaborated with Nespresso and implemented an onsite collection point to recycle all Nespresso pods used in the practice. We are also offering a free of charge recycling service for our patients who use Nespresso pods at home.

This recycling program will help Nespresso reach their goal of increasing recycling rates and reducing the number of used Nespresso pods found in Landfill each year. Nespresso pods are made of aluminium which is the best material to keep the coffee fresh but it is also indefinitely recyclable.

Nespresso have partnered with local recycling companies to develop a tailored system where the used coffee grounds and aluminium are separated and then recycled into their second life form. The recovered coffee grounds are transformed into nutrient rich compost and the aluminium is sent for smelting and refining and used to help make a variety of products like cars, bikes and homewares. It may even be used to help make certain dental instruments and equipment, the possibilities are infinite!

Next time you are in the neighbourhood, or at your dental appointment, please bring along your used Nespresso Pods to help support a sustainable coffee economy. We promise we’ll make you a delicious cup of coffee in return!

If you would like to read more about the Nespresso Recycling programs available please visit their website.

*Please note we can only offer to recycle Nespresso Pods*