Kids Club Activity: Magic Reindeer Food

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Magic Reindeer food

Help guide Rudolph and his team of reindeers to your home this Christmas Eve. Sprinkle this easy to make ‘magical reindeer food’ on your front lawn. The glimmer in the moonlight will help light the way for Santa and his sleigh.

Magic Reindeer Food

½ cup of rolled oats
1 tsp of edible red glitter
1 tsp of edible green glitter

1. Mix the oats and edible glitter in a small bowl until combined
2. Carefully spoon into a small zip lock bag and seal.
3. Print out the label and attach to the front of the bag using a stapler (might be best to ask an adult to help with this part)
4. On Christmas Eve, sprinkle the magic reindeer food while reciting the special poem printed on the label.
5. Be sure to go to bed nice and early!



  • Be sure to use edible glitter (the sort that you can decorate cakes with) as craft glitter can be harmful to wildlife
  • If Christmas Eve is damp, sprinkle your Magic reindeer food on grass, not a pathway or paved area as the rain could turn your glittery oat mix into porridge!
  • This recipe was created by Ruth Devine for Kidspot