I’m Afraid Of The Dentist – What Can I Do?

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At Medland Dental one of our main goals is to make our patients feel more at ease and comfortable during dental treatment.  From your first contact, it’s obvious that Medland Dental is not your average dental practice.  When you walk through our front door it is our goal to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.  All of our staff will focus on your comfort and respect your feelings and concerns during your dental appointment.  We look forward to caring for you with genuine kindness, empathy, attention and dental excellence at all times. We also offer music, happy gas and other options to make your visit comfortable.

During your first appointment we’ll start by simply listening to your concerns, allowing you to talk us through your previous treatment, experiences and concerns.  It is often more relaxing to do this out of the surgery and in the comfort of one of our private lounge areas.  Your Dentist can then discuss and identify your main fears related to dentistry and then implement strategies to overcome and manage your anxiety and in severe cases, dental phobia.

Nitrous Oxide is available at Medland Dental and is very effective in alleviating patient anxiety.  It is a gas that is inhaled before and during dental procedures to reduce pain and induce a happy euphoric feeling.  It eases patients’ apprehension and makes dental treatment a more comfortable and pleasant experience.  Patients will often feel a bit light headed and may “get the giggles” (hence the name happy/laughing gas). It is safe to use for both adults and children.

There are several other anxiety management techniques available at Medland Dental that can be used instead of, or in conjunction with Happy Gas.   For severe Dental phobias prescription relaxation medication can be arranged.  In these circumstances we may need to liaise with your GP.  We offer stress balls to hold in your hand to squeeze and manipulate during dental treatment.  Staff members are also available for “hand holding” and will comfort you with soothing reassuring words during your appointment.  If you would like to listen to music during your appointment we have a vast collection of music available on our iPod Touches for you to select and listen to with headphones.

Medland Dental Dentists, Hygienists and Staff will never make you feel like your dental fears, anxieties or phobias are an inconvenience to us.  It is our goal to take the fear out of dentistry.