COVID-19 and Dentistry Update

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The COVID-19 virus is understandably causing concern in the community and within the Medland Family. We know that many of you are deeply affected by the pandemic and the flow-on effects, and are facing challenges unprecedented in most of our lifetimes.

Since our last communication, the COVID-19 outbreak has continued to spread, and the situation regarding management and containment is now at a level where services are being progressively locked down.

Maintaining the dental health of the community continues to be an essential service, and as such Medland Dental will remain open through this time to support our patients.

However, whilst dentistry is an essential service, it is in the best interests of our patients, staff and the greater community that the scope of dentistry is limited.

In line with the Australian Dental Association’s recommendations that were released with immediate effect late this afternoon, Medland Dental will be temporarily moving to only managing urgent and emergency treatment. For example, pain, a broken tooth, swelling or an issue that needs immediate attention.

Medland Dental will be working hard to support both our staff and our patients through this time.

If you have an upcoming appointment for preventive or non-urgent dentistry, we will be in contact to discuss and reschedule your appointment. Please be patient as we work our way through our scheduled appointments. For those of you who have appointments scheduled in the coming days, you can expect to hear from us one to two days before your appointment. If your appointment is further out, you should hear from us at least one week before your appointment.

We do not know for how long dentistry will be restricted, but are closely following the advice of the Australian Dental Association and relevant government authorities, and will keep you informed. We all need to play our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

As mentioned in our previous email, Medland Dental remains committed as always, to providing a safe environment for our patients and staff, so will continue to go beyond the requirements outlined by Queensland Health with both staff and patients.

We will continue to:

  • Maintain the highest level of infection control procedures. As an Accredited Dental practice, we must meet the strict National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, or for some time now, have chosen to exceed some of these standards, particularly regarding infection control.
  • Follow all protocols from Queensland Health and the Australian Dental Association and monitor the advice for any changes daily.
  • Screen our patients and staff for COVID-19 risk factors.
  • Temperature screen: Staff are tested daily for the early signs of fever. All patients are temperature tested on arrival at their appointment. All other visitors to the practice are temperature tested on arrival.
  • Kindly ask you to use our hand sanitiser as you enter the building. You may not have noticed this previously, but please also take advantage of the hand sanitiser located at our reception desks, waiting room and lounges.
  • Ensure that appropriate social distancing occurs in our waiting room and our patient lounges.
  • Temporarily remove magazines and newspapers, and the iPads will continue to be disinfected after each use.
  • Kindly ask you to undertake a short antimicrobial rinse before your procedure
  • Kindly ask that that all payments be made via card (ideally contactless). We will not be accepting cash payments at this time.

Whilst preventive and non-urgent dentistry is temporarily paused, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce your risk of problems developing over this time:

  • Brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush for at least two minutes.
  • Floss once a day or use any floss-aids or interproximal brushes as recommended by your hygienist.
  • If recommended to do so, use your high fluoride toothpaste (Neutrafluor 5000) and/or Tooth Mousse. You can still source new supplies from us or we can deliver if you prefer.
  • Wear your occlusal splint at night, if you have been recommended by your dentist to do so,
  • Be mindful of the affect foods and drinks high in sugar or acid can have on your risk of decay and the rate of decay progression; and the affect that hard foods may have on structurally weakened teeth.

Whilst we will remain open during this time, we know that the restrictions on dental services will mean that we will not catch up with many of you as planned. Just six months after Medland Dental celebrated its 60th Birthday with you, it is difficult to comprehend how much has changed.  But as we said then, Medland Dental’s great strength is that it is not just a business – it is about people and relationships – and this has never been so true.

Stay well; look after yourself and each other.

Warmest wishes,

Dr Fiona Lillicrap, Dr Sarah Kam, and the Medland Dental team