Learning from Dr Tony Medland

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Dr Tony Medland founded Medland Dental in 1959, working with his mother initially until his sister joined the practice shortly after. He changed the face of dentistry with his focus on taking exceptional care of each of his patients during a time where the dentist was feared more often than not. Dr Medland instilled these values in his team, and while it has been over ten years since he retired from Dentistry, these values remain as relevant today as they always were. The clinicians and staff at Medland Dental have remained focused on providing the very best service, and technical care, to our patients.

Our annual team training day is an opportunity for our staff to come together and work towards ensuring our patients continue to receive the very best dental care. It was a fantastic experience for all the team to listen to Dr Medland speak about his life and vision for his practice. While many of the staff hadn’t had the opportunity to meet him previously, his words felt familiar as they are still spoken now by the principal dentists, Dr Sarah Kam and Dr Fiona Lillicrap, and other staff who worked with Dr Medland.

While the fundamentals of outstanding service and care may remain the same over time, dentistry is a rapidly changing industry, and maintaining our technical expertise is paramount to the clinicians and staff. Throughout the year the team regularly undertake professional development, as well as training as a practice, to ensure we continue to provide our patients with the very best dental care.

Below are just some of the courses the team have attended over the last quarter.

Our founder, Dr Tony Medland, sharing his vast wealth of knowledge with the team. Click here to view our Facebook ‘Medland Dental Annual Team Training Day’ album.

It was wonderful to have all the team together away from the practice to learn new skills, and ensure our care and service for our patients remains at the highest level. Click here to view our Facebook ‘Medland Dental Annual Team Training Day’ album.

Dr James Yang, Ashleigh, Dr Fiona Lillicrap, Shannon and Sue attending a ‘Dental Implant and Bone Grafting’ course, where they learnt all the latest information on Dental Implants.

Earlier this year the Hygiene Department attended a training course aimed at ensuring our patients are receiving the best oral hygiene care.

On the 17 November, the team attended a ‘Team Collaboration’ course. As Medland Dental is such a large group that work across different areas of the practice, this course taught us all valuable skills on how to best work together to provide our patients with the very best care.

Rachael, Angela, Dr Sarah Kam, Danielle and Belinda collaborating on the ‘Lost in the Desert’ scenario.
Dr James Yang, Brad, Eliza, Shannon and Dr Fiona Lillicrap at the ‘Team Collaboration’ training day.

Our Oral Health Therapist, Sue, has recently attended several interesting courses. The first was on Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy which focuses on using the tongue and facial muscles to help treat orthodontic malocclusions such as tongue thrusting, finger and thumb sucking and TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction). She also attended ‘Optimal Posture for Dental Workers’, which gave interesting and practical tips for seat positioning and ensuring patients are comfortably seated. She most recently participated in a workshop on correcting mouth breathing and release of restrictive tongue and lip ties.

As the Managers of the Front Office, Danielle and Angela recently attended a ‘New Supervisor’ leadership course at the Australian Institute of Management. This two-day course was an excellent opportunity for the girls to learn the best tools for an efficient and coherent team, as well as effective communication within the Medlands team and with patients. They were taught valuable skills on time management and prioritisation and was a fantastic course for personal and professional development.

Dr Fiona Lillicrap recently attended a refresher on Relative Analgesia (otherwise known as ‘happy gas’) to get all the latest on this fantastic service for our patients.

Dr Sarah Kam attended a workshop presented by the renowned Pascal Magne, an expert on aesthetic dentistry and dental restoration techniques, from the University of Southern California. Dr Magne taught the attendees all the latest information on providing beautiful restorations at the front of the mouth with an emphasis on preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. Both Dr Morrison and Dr Kam have attended his workshops previously and found them to be incredibly valuable.

In addition to attending these courses throughout the year, each of our Medland Dental Dentists is a member of one, or more, professional study clubs. These clubs meet on a regular basis to discuss new procedure techniques and materials, as well as listen to presentations by leaders in various fields of dentistry. It is this commitment to maintaining their high level of clinical skills that can leave our patients confident their dental health, and their well being, is in the very best hands.

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