Tooth Decay – Does your child have this disease?

Does your child have this disease?  Unfortunately statistics show that your child will more likely that not suffer from dental decay, a disease that is entirely preventable! Tooth decay is not an inevitable part of life, and can result in pain, tooth loss, bad breath and a range of associated problems including social stigma and flow-on general health

Focus on: Children’s Dental Health

Dental decay is the most common infectious disease currently experienced by Australian children.  Dental decay is a preventable condition however, by the age of six, over half of all Australian children will have at least one decayed tooth.  Infection and toothache caused by dental decay is presently the second most co

Dental Health Week 2012

Scooters, trampolines, monkey bars or falling out of bed? What’s the most common reason Australian pre-schoolers are admitted to hospital? Here’s a hint, over 50% of all Australian children will be suffering from it by age 6?The answer is tooth decay! Something completely preventable! Which is why we’re helping