Dental Health Week 2014 – Who’s spoiling your kids rotten?

 Dental Health Week has arrived! This year it focuses on Babies and Toddlers and who might be spoiling your kids rotten. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and other extended family members are often guilty of letting discipline slide because they want to spoil the young children they love. In today’s busy world, childr

Tooth Decay – Does your child have this disease?

  Unfortunately statistics show that your child will more likely that not suffer from dental decay, a disease that is entirely preventable! Tooth decay is not an inevitable part of life, and can result in pain, tooth loss, bad breath and a range of associated problems including social stigma and flow-on general health

Snack Attack – You are what you eat

More than 50% of Australian children suffer from dental decay, a disease that is entirely preventable and which will affect them for the rest of their life. The adage you are what you eat very much applies to dental health. Sugar in food and drink is what causes dental decay, and is influenced by how frequently and for how long

When should my child first visit the dentist?

 It is a question many parents ask and the answer is often surprising! It is easy to assume that until children have all of their teeth it is not necessary for them to visit the dentist. As soon as teeth grow into the mouth they are at risk of developing problems, so it is recommended that the first dental visit be timed ar

How to brush your baby or toddler’s teeth

 Did you know that you should brush your child’s teeth as soon as they grow into the mouth? Brushing another’s teeth may seem a little strange but it’s fairly simple for babies. Brushing toddler’s teeth is a different story and their resistance may feel like Groundhog Day as you wage a twice-daily ba

Terrible Teething – Soothing your teething tot

 Teething is a difficult time for everyone in the family and usually occurs around 4-7 months of age. Nobody likes to see their child distressed, and the frequent crying, problems sleeping and general fussiness can lead to parents feeling helpless and at the end of their tether.  Unfortunately there is no quick fi