Lifestyle Risks – Oral Piercings

Body piercing has become a popular form of self-expression as a fashion statement and is also a practice undertaken for cultural reasons. Significant health risks exist to individuals from the piercing process itself. With piercing salons mostly unregulated, the self-trained staff may have very little clinical and anatomical kn

Lifestyle Risks – Drugs

Drugs                    Drugs of all descriptions, whether they be vitamins or natural remedies, prescription medications or illegal drugs, can cause an imbalance in your mouth that can subsequently lead to dental problems. Prescription Medications, Vitamins and Natural Rem

Lifestyle Risks – Sports and Energy Drinks

teenager-sports-drinksMany young adults regularly use sports and energy drinks as a pick me up but may be unaware they contain high levels of both sugar and acid. Energy drinks additionally contain high levels of caffeine. Even diet or ‘zero’ options, as well as flavoured water varieties, contain plenty of tooth-eroding acids. Acidic drinks are

Lifestyle Risks – Alcohol and Alcohol Fuelled Violence

Although most young people know that moderate consumption of alcohol is better for their health, many are unaware of the high levels of sugar and acid in alcohol and the juice, soft or energy drinks in which it is mixed. Excessive regular intake will significantly increase the risk of dental decay and tooth erosion which washes

A Dental Survival Guide for Young Adults

We can probably all remember the excitement of finishing high school and the transition into adulthood. During the process of embracing the new found freedoms and responsibilities, maintaining good dental health often becomes a low priority.  Young adults may leave home or commence university or work and subsequently their heal