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What is it that causes tooth decay? Top 6 causes of tooth decay: Sugary, fizzy and sports drinks Sweets and sugary snacks Snacking between meals Incorrect brushing technique Not brushing for 2 minutes or longer Not flossing Tooth decay is the most common health condition in Australia. Ironically, it’s also easily preventable with a little […]

7 Aug 2012

Scooters, trampolines, monkey bars or falling out of bed? What’s the most common reason Australian pre-schoolers are admitted to hospital? Here’s a hint, over 50% of all Australian children will be suffering from it by age 6? The answer is tooth decay! Something completely preventable! Which is why we’re helping spread the word of Dental […]

5 Aug 2012

The fight against Multiple Sclerosis is a very personal one for us at MDC. Our beloved Kelly, whom many of you will know, was diagnosed with MS 4 1/2 years ago after the birth of her second daughter. Kelly manages to maintain an active life, but there are many who aren’t as lucky. For Kelly, […]

30 May 2012

School is back and so is school sport. Having a custom fitted mouthguard ensures your child's beautiful smile is kept safe from the many knocks and bumps that occur on the sporting field. Available in a range of colours from Medland Dental Centre's laboratory these mouthguards not only defend their teeth from serious injury but […]

1 Mar 2012
Medland Admin

Dental tourism is a term used for a growing industry attracting overseas travellers to countries such as Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Hungary or Poland, usually for major dental work and the promise of a wonderful holiday included. In our experience at Medland Dental Centre we have seen a number of patients return having had […]

1 Mar 2012
Medland Admin

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    A Decrease in Saliva Flow Can Impact Your Oral Health. Xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth, can happen at any age and can be caused by simple things like not drinking enough liquids or from side effects of a medication or illness. Whatever the cause of your dry mouth, if left unchecked it can put […]

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