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Kiss Goodbye to MS

30 May 2014

May is MS Awareness Month and once again Medland Dental Centre will be helping to Kiss Goodbye to MS

As many of you may already be aware, our beautiful Kelly was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) six years ago after the birth of her second daughter. It was in support of her that we threw our all our efforts behind the cause and for 6 years now we have been actively campaigning for the MS Society.

Since then one of Kelly’s sisters has been diagnosed, as well as the sisters of three more of our staff members. We also have a number of patients in our care with MS. It is for Kelly, and all of the people in the Medland extended family that we support the MS Society and hope to make a difference.

In honour of MS Awareness Month you will see our staff wearing their Kiss Goodbye to MS T-shirts throughout May. This year we have been lucky enough to receive many generous donations to include in raffles, which make a very tempting display in our reception area. And again we will be donating $1 to the MS Society for every patient seen in May. Check out our MS Fundraising page if you would like to view our progress or make a donation.

For more information on Kiss Goodbye to MS head here.


Kiss Goodbye to MS!

13 Apr 2013
ms copy.jpg

May is MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Awareness Month. The fight against MS is a very personal one for us at MDC. Our beloved Kelly, whom many of you will know, was diagnosed with MS in 2008 after the birth of her second daughter. Kelly manages to maintain an active life, but there are many who aren’t as lucky. For Kelly, and others living with MS, Medland Dental Centre has chosen MS Australia as our dedicated charity and we actively support MS Australia campaigns throughout the year. So far staff and patients of MDC have helped us to raise an amazing $20, 000 for MS Australia.

We are currently getting behind ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’ and for the month of May, Medland Dental Centre will donate $1 to MS Australia for every patient seen! 

We are also selling $5 tickets to go into the draw to win an Apple iPad. All proceeds will go to this worthy cause. Should you wish to buy a ticket or make a tax deductable donation to MS Australia, please ask one of our Front Office Coordinators for details or log on to and donate through Medland Dental Centre’s Fundraiser Page.

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