Dental Fees


Fees vary from practice to practice. 

dental fees

Medland Dental is proud to be an independent dental practice.

The Australian Dental Association does not set fees. Nor is there a “recommended” fee for any given treatment. This can be confusing to dental patients as there can be a significant variation in fees especially between practices that choose to be contracted to health insurance companies and therefore work off a fee schedule set by the insurance company, those that are owned by the big dental corporations, and the fees charged by independent dental practices.

Medland Dental Centre is proud to be an independent dental practice.

Providing optimum patient care, individually tailored to each patient’s individual needs is Medland Dental’s first priority. Medland Dental prides itself on unbiased and uncompromising service and treatment, individualised care and technical excellence, so we have made the conscious decision not to be contracted to any of the health insurance companies or be bought out by a dental corporation.

How do Medland Dental's fees compare?

Medland Dental Centre regularly reviews our fees in comparison to other independent dental practices to ensure comparabilty. We feel that our fees reflect the quality of the materials and techniques used and the level of care that we provide during treatment and after treatment for all of our patients.

Benefits of choosing Medland Dental

Some dental practices outsource the production of their crowns to overseas companies. These companies are not regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia. Some of this product from the overseas labs may be good, others may provide poorer quality colour matching, fit and construction. Some of these overseas manufacturers may use substandard materials that may not be TGA approved.

We are one of the few dental practices with its own dedicated onsite dental laboratory. We use only TGA approved materials and guarantee that your dental work is handmade onsite by Medland Dental employed laboratory technicians and not sent overseas. All our crowns come with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that they have not been sent to an offshore laboratory for fabrication.  At Medland Dental we like to ensure that every crown cemented is perfect, both in fit and appearance, and with our lab onsite any adjustments can be made during your appointment, negating the need to either rebook your appointment whilst you crown is sent away again or having it cemented whether or not it fits correctly or looks perfect.

We ensure that we take the time required to perform all dental treatment from fillings to cleans to crowns meticulously and ensure your comfort during the procedure. We use materials as they are designed to be used and ensure that we take the time and use the protocols recommended with materials to ensure optimal longevity and performance.

We have strict sterilising protocols with many instruments that are technically reusable for example, files used during root canal treatment, discarded after use. This ensures that their sterility is guaranteed every patient gets the benefit of brand new instruments. We do not reuse “single use” items.

When comparing fees between dental practices it is important to consider:

  • If they are an independent dental practice or contracted to a health insurance company or owned and managed by a corporate?
  • If any work that is made in a dental laboratory is made of TGA approved materials and is sent either directly offshore to middle man that then sends on to an offshore laboratory?
  • The sterilising procedures and instrument re-use protocols?
  • The time taken to perform treatment and level of service provided during treatment?
  • Post-treatment care provided?

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