Active Maintenance

Being proactive pays

Active Maintenance has its rewards.

At Medland Dental, we see that patients who have recommended active maintenance appointments typically spend less money on dental care than those who visit irregularly or when a problem arises. It’s true; prevention is better than the cure.

That’s why we’ve initiated 2Active – a program that encourages patients to be proactive about their oral health.

2Active is a simple plan that rewards you for completing your active maintenance as recommended by your Medland Dental Dentist and Hygienist.

You become eligible for the 2Active program after completing one year of recommended examinations and professional cleanings at Medland. And you will receive your 2Active Reward at your first active maintenance appointment the following year.

Our 2Active program does have some conditions and restrictions. Please review our terms and conditions for more information.

Terms and Conditions:

Eligibility for the 2Active program is calculated on the second Monday in January of each calendar year.

  • To be eligible, you need to have completed your active maintenance appointments as recommended in the previous calendar year.
  • Active maintenance appointments refer to dentist examinations in combination with professional cleaning completed by either a dentist or hygienist.
  • A four week grace period is applied to all active maintenance periods to take into account scheduling restrictions/considerations and appointment availability.
  • Your recommended active maintenance period is tailored to your dental health status and risk factors. This period may be 3 monthly, 4 monthly, 6 monthly, 8 monthly or 12 monthly. You will be advised by your Dentist and Hygienist as to your specific active maintenance period. Your recommended active maintenance period may change over time.

If you are eligible, your 2Active Reward will be applied to your first Dentist examination for the calendar year. (ADA codes 012 or 011 only).

  • Your 2Active Reward cannot be used for any other dental service.
  • Your 2Active Reward cannot be used for products.
  • Your 2Active Reward is not transferrable to other patients or family members
  • 2Active Reward values are a fixed dollar amount of $25 for adult patients (18yo and above) or $15 for children (3yo–17yo)
  • 2Active Rewards are only valid for that calendar year
  • Not valid in conjunction with any other offer

To remain eligible for the 2Active program patients must complete another calendar year of recommended active maintenance visits in order to receive a 2Active Reward in the next calendar year.

Management reserves the right to change the terms or cease the program at any time.

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