Do whitening toothpastes or chemist/supermarket whitening kits work?

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Over the years many different types of over the counter whitening products have also become available in supermarkets, pharmacies and on-line deal websites.  These range from whitening toothpastes to do-it-yourself whitening kits.
Whitening toothpastes contain abrasive ingredients designed to remove surface stains from your teeth.  Most whitening toothpastes do not actually contain any peroxide and are therefore not effective at all in whitening teeth. In fact, the abrasive granules in whitening toothpastes can actually damage and wear away the surface of your tooth if used too frequently and can cause sensitivity.
Over the counter whitening gels and kits contain very low concentrations of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.  Whilst these are the same ingredients used by dental professionals to whiten your teeth, the concentrations are often too low to produce any noticeable results.  The concentration of peroxide found in these products is restricted by law as higher concentrations of these products can be damaging to your teeth and gums if not used correctly and whilst under the direction of a dental professional.
In recent times whitening treatments have become available at beauty therapists and in some shopping malls. Whitening treatments performed by non-dental professionals can be dangerous for your teeth and gums and it is actually illegal for non-dental professionals to practice dentistry by completing whitening treatments.  Chemical burns on gums, pain and damage to already weakened tooth structure can occur if peroxide is applied incorrectly or by an untrained person.  Dentists and dental hygienists receive specific training in tooth whitening procedures and are able to diagnose potential problems that would prevent the whitening process from being completed safely.
If you would like to lighten the colour of your teeth, Medland Dental has two, effective and safe whitening options available. The Zoom WhiteSpeed system is the quickest and most convenient way to achieve the new, bright smile you have always wanted in just one appointment. Or you can take home our prescription strength, home whitening kit so that you can whiten in the comfort of your own home and watch the results occur.
Do you have more questions? Talk to your Medland Dental Dentist or Hygienist about tooth whitening at your next appointment to find out which whitening treatment would best suit your individual needs.