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Our dental clinic located just 4 minutes from Yeronga is radically different, we strive to offer you the most pleasant experience possible.

What is the Medland difference?

Here at Medland Dental we pride ourselves in providing “exceptional dentistry” and ensuring that our customers keep coming back with a smile.  To us, exceptional dentistry can be identified by:

  • An experienced, long term team in a well-established independently owned practice.
  • Knowledgeable, informative and gifted dentists and hygienists who are good communicators, listeners and are technically very competent.
  • Exceptional quality of clinical treatments – We have an on site lab and use quality rather than cheap materials. We take the time with our appointments  to ensure the job is done carefully and thoroughly.
  • Exceptional care of all patients especially those that are anxious and nervous.
  • Being patient focussed – not being corporate run, or health fund controlled.
  • Proactive/pre-emptive dentistry – Here at Medland we provide options to keep teeth lower maintenance and lessen the likelihood of unexpected problems such as pain, tooth breakage, root canal treatment, or losing the tooth because it is irreparable. This includes but is not limited to crowns to prevent teeth cracking, splints to manage the damaging effects of clenching/grinding and identifying medical conditions that effect the health of the teeth and mouth.
  • Preventive dentistry with our hygienists and oral health therapists – regular scale and cleans; oral hygiene education, prevention plans, treatment of gum disease

Why choose Medland Dental?

Our Medland dental clinic near Yeronga stands out from the competition for its professionalism and genuine care. We want to make your experience when visiting our clinic one of comfort and confidence,  when looking for a dentist in Yeronga, Brisbane. You can expect to be treated with the utmost consideration and respect by our friendly staff and skilled dentists. If you are seeking a dentist in Yeronga, you won’t find better than our nearby Medland clinic.

Care and professionalism

We understand a visit to the dentist can be stressful to the point you keep putting it off. Our dental clinic located just 4 minutes from Yeronga is radically different, and it strives to offer you the most pleasant experience possible. From our waiting room, which includes toys for kids and a range of up-to-date magazines for adults, to offering iPods whilst in the dentist’s chair so you can listen to the music of your choice while receiving treatment, we have created an environment that is both professional and enjoyable. Even more than for adults, it’s paramount that your child’s visit to the dentist is positive to prevent future angst when seeking dental care. Our entire clinic is designed to provide a safe, relaxing and stress-free visit, and our staff genuinely cares about you and making your current experience the best it can be. 

Our services

Our Medland clinics offer both general and cosmetic dentistry, meaning you can have any dental work you require done by dentists in Yeronga just a short drive away. From simple check-ups to implants or alignments, our dentists can help you achieve and maintain that perfect smile. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is staffed by skilled technicians who work closely with your dentist, ensuring the best possible fit for your crowns and bridges. We also pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technology and processes, meaning you will receive treatments that meet the best industry standards and latest practices. When looking for a dentist in Yeronga, you won’t find a better one. Contact us today and experience exceptional dentistry.

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